Week 4 | 3 articles response about CSS

1. CSS should be used for a layout because it contains a consistent presentation of a HTML document. It is great for Styling documents meaning that you can rearrange them in any matter of the document. Not only that, it can be displayed in any fashion desired. Also when using CSS there’s a better accessibility because one can organize his her styles. What was helping that there are many advantages to CSS from document organization to creating floats and clears.


2. I think when writing CSS, there are a two things to keep in mind after reading this article. First is keeping your CSS simple. By doing so, you don’t lure any CSS Hacks on to your site i.e. it won’t hide specific CSS rules from your Browser. Second would be using CSS shorthand. This can save a lot of space when using this. By doing so, it will definitely keep your CSS clean and simple.

3. This site discusses its problems when writing code taking a look at writing good and bad code. One of the thing I found interesting was the proper usage of indentation from a confusing indentation to a proper indentation. What you get out of it is the fact you have to be consistent with the coding. Next would be keeping javascript and CSS external. I have never worked with javascript, but I think its good to know before working with javascript. And note there is no JavaScript in the head section. Best one I think I learned is that you have to leave type to CSS. Type is really important in a webpage obviously but what was the most important thing I learned in a webpage, it’s the type right here.


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